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"Beva has carried out other work for the Initial Group, and we were therefore assured of their quality of work. We are pleased with and are proud of the building. Beva are a professional organisation, whom we would use again and would recommend to others. They dealt with issues competently and amicably and delivered the building on time within budget."

Tony Edwards, I.T. Service Director



11, 000 sq ft (1, 022 sq m) Two storey call centre office accommodation.


The site was required to provide a realtime backup site for Initial's existing ARC. In addition it needed to be large enough to accommodate the company's 15 year growth plans.


Major challenges were posed in ensuring compliance with the British standard, BS 5979:2000, The Code Of Practice For Remote Centres Receiving Signals From Security Systems.


Beva assisted in obtaining planning permissions for the project and were able to provide the high standards of work required to ensure the building achieved NACOSS (National Approval Council for Security Systems) certification.


The company now has a live standby operation providing them with superior security standards for the industry. The building operates as a visitor and demonstration centre, with the right balance of quality and design. A functional building that provides a professional image.

 Project Noah

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